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Historic Cemeteries & Burying Grounds of

Southampton, NY

Multiple Property Documentation Form

National Register of Historic Places

Landmark Designation

BGPG is experienced in nominating gravesites, burying grounds and cemeteries for landmark designation – either individually or as “contributing resources” within historic districts – as a way of documenting their cultural and historical significance. This designation may be on the local, state or national level. Listing in the National Register of Historic Places is widely accepted as the highest standard of landmark designation. 


Gravesites, burying grounds and cemeteries may be included as “contributing resources” within historic districts composed of various buildings, structures and sites, or grouped as a distinct property type and nominated to the National Register of Historic Places using a Multiple Property Documentation Form (MPDF). Formerly known as thematic districts, MPDFs are historic "districts" with non-contiguous resources (e.g., lighthouses, lifesaving stations) that share common features and purposes. 

Quogue Cemetery

Quogue, NY

National Register Nomination Form

MPDF Title Page
MPDF Section I
MPDF Section E
Cuffee Gravesite
MPDF Section F
Cuffee Gravesite
MPDF Section G
Cuffee Gravesite
MPDF Section H
Cuffee Gravesite
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