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The Burying Ground Preservation Group, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to identifying, recording, and preserving historic burying grounds, cemeteries and burial sites. We serve as a resource for historians, genealogists and others seeking to preserve and restore historic gravestones and monuments.


The BGPG undertakes surveys, uploads photographs and inscriptions into searchable databases, conducts conditions assessments, facilitates the restoration and preservation of grave markers and related cemetery features, and creates educational programs that encourage public awareness of these fragile historical resources. By advocating for the protection of historic burying grounds and cemeteries, the BGPG seeks to preserve these important historic sites and the vital records they contain.

BGPG charges a reasonable fee for its professional expertise and the tasks associated with each project, including guidance for sources of funding such as charitable foundations, civic organizations, municipalities and concerned citizens. True to its mission of promoting community support, the BGPG trains and encourages volunteerism at every possible level to help defray costs and maximize the budget for every project.

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